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Dear customers:
Thank you very much for ordering and supporting garden tools product made by Lezhi Technology Co., Ltd..
Lezhi Technology Co., Ltd. is established in Shenzhen, we create the fine quality garden tools with spirit of excellence.
The KLEZHI brand electric pruning shears is belong to Lezhi Technology Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to serve garden enthusiasts, garden laborers, orchard laborers, nursery laborers. We believe our products will give you convenience, efficiency, and pruning happiness.
KLEZHI brand pruners can meet your these needs: fruit picking in orchard, branch pruning in garden, pruning in nursery, or pruning in green belt and roadside, flower trimming, garden hobbies, and trimming in flower shop.
We sincerely expect that you can enjoy the great happiness of garden laboring and superior tools’ convenience by using our product. We value your using opinions, and sincerely expect you can share your thoughts and experience with us. Your opinions will be sources of our product improvement.
What’s more, we welcome you to share your using experience, photos, videos, with our buyers and fans on social media.
Our Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/Klezhi-111135687383819/, Instagram: KLEZHI Pruners, Youtube: KLEZHI cordless electric pruners, And customer service email:cs@klezhitech.com.
Thank you again for choosing Lezhi Technology’s KLEZHI electric pruning shears!
Production and Service Team
Lezhi Technology Co., Ltd.